What I Do

Mary C. TaylorAlways striving forward, I work to make things happen. I create appealing visuals in order to tell compelling stories. I take projects from concept to completion for print, broadcast, web and mobile. These projects have appeared across the United States in movie theaters, sports stadiums, convention centers, television, mobile apps and websites.


My freelance and original film projects are run through my animation and illustration studio, Flipt Pictures. My original film projects have screened at film festivals across the country and my children’s animation, How To Put a Square Peg into a Round Hole, was even featured on Yahoo’s home page.


2D character animation and motion graphics.


Consultation for animation, interactive and video projects.


Director for film and animation.


Graphic design, illustration and logo design.


Interactive design for web, mobile and email.

Post Production

Video editing and compositing.

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Software and Programming Skills

In my career I have used a variety of software to create my work. These are just a few of the most common software and programming skills I have. I will never say I know a piece of software 100% as things are always changing and there is always something more to learn.


In the end, though, it’s not about what latest whiz bang software you are using, it is about how you make use of it.

After Effects0%
Toon Boom Harmony0%

Fun Facts

I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with some great people and visit some cool places.


Postcards on Fridge


Happy Clients


Film Festivals


States Visited

Clients and Employers

A few of the great companies I’ve had the privilege with which to work.

Awards & Recognitions

If you’re into that sort of thing.

2016 MarCom Gold Award

2016 KC IABC Quills Award for Communication Skills in Audio/Visual

2016 KC IABC Quills Award for Communication Skills in Digital Communication Vehicles

2012 Robert Altman Emerging Filmmakers Grant

2005 National Cinema Network Peer Excellence Award

What They Said

Bosses, clients and co-workers give their endorsements. Boy, I feel awesome now!

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